About Us

You Are The Guru Metaphysical Supplies & Eclectic Gift Shop | Healing Crystals, Gemstones, and Minerals

Welcome to You Are The Guru Metaphysical Supplies & Eclectic Gift Shop. A healing crystals and mineral store offering beautiful stones and eclectic spiritual gifts. Collections include crystals, gemstones, minerals, home accents and decor, accessories, apparel, aromatherapy, carvings, figurines, artwork, and jewelry. All things metaphysical.

We also take great pride in customer care. Service is not just a word we throw around to impress you. Service means every customer gets equal and fair treatment. This includes clear, frequent, and fast communication. We hope you have a pleasant experience shopping at You Are The Guru, thank you for your support!

We are couple on a lifelong journey to inspire others by spreading spiritual insight through light, love, and humor. We do believe in metaphysical healing and are keen students of nature. We are always curious about how reality works, how to live well, and how to liberate all sentient life in the cosmos.

With love and light,

Awni and Chantell