About Us

We have been together for nearly 10 years now, on a lifelong journey to inspire others by spreading spiritual insight through light, love, and humor. We do believe in metaphysical healing with crystals and are keen students of nature, always curious about how reality works, how to live well, and how to liberate all sentient life in the cosmos.


Awni: Nature's alchemist; I question everything in life; a deep thinker. I do believe that Life should be lived outside of our comfort zones. I am also into crystal healing, the study of crystals and their powerful vibrations/healing. I enjoy creating art/painting, exercising, hiking expeditions (love the outdoors!), spontaneous adventures, studying philosophy, reading, live music shows, good eats, traveling, and a huge advocate for nature. I am a deep student of life, with an appetite for learning and trying new things, always working on self-development, and engaging in higher levels of consciousness.


Chantell: An intuitive healer, I have always been inspired and curious about the universe, the cosmos, and raising my vibrations. My creative side started at a very young age. Some of the pleasures of life I thoroughly enjoy are spending time with our 7 fur babies, working out, stretching, meditation and yoga. I have an interest in fashion, hair, makeup, cooking new healthy recipes, reading health/holistic books, poetry & quotes, and studying metaphysical/crystal healing. We have been fortunate enough to connect our passion for animals, art, music, and nature. I am blessed beyond measure to have my family and the love of my life right by my side.


"Love the life you live. Live the life you love"- Bob Marley  

With love,

Awni and Chantell