Hand Carved Natural Black ONYX Raven Crow Spirit Animal Totem

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Hand Carved Natural Black ONYX Raven Crow Spirit Animal Totem from Peru! 

Metaphysical meaning of Black Onyx: 


People have been using onyx for over 4,000 years for magical and practical purposes. It can heal, keep your mind clear during meditation, and redirect negative energy into positive action. 

When you think of the healing properties of onyx, think of strength. It’s the stone of stability and grounding. Onyx also helps you use your strength and will for positive purposes. It guides you away from using confidence and self mastery to hurt or destroy.


Black Onyx in Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy.
The Black Onyx stimulates the Earthstar and Base Chakra which grounds the soul to the physical world and controls the person's awareness, emotion, and movement.


Ravens and Crows are a spiritual symbol of Protection as well.


The Raven is a member of the same family as the crow and the magpie, known as the Corvids family. While they are considered different species, the only real difference is that the Raven is considerably larger than the crow. They are the messengers of the spirit world and watch over the living. 


When a Raven totem has flown into your life, it signifies that magic is at play. They were once seen as totems that could bend space & time, bringing awareness to the synchronicities that are all around us. The Raven is about spiritual renewal, rebirth, recovery, healing & reflection. With the graceful flight of this enchanting bird, spirit reminds us to welcome light into our own darkness.

Here are a few common meanings for this power animal.

  • Introspection
  • courage
  • self-knowledge
  • magic
  • healing
  • creation
  • rebirth and renewal
  • rebirth without fear
  • being able to tear down and rebuild
  • master magician
  • shape shifter
  • mysticism
  • transformation of difficulties into blessings
  • being able to find light within the darkness
  • Courage for self-reflection
  • Being comfortable with yourself
  • Connecting with the crone
  • Omens
  • Playful aspects
  • Stir life without fear
  • Sexuality
  • Honoring ancestors
  • Divination
  • Change in consciousness
  • New occurrences
  • Eloquence
  • Power of thought


Great Gifts Perfect for all occasions: Bird lovers, animal lovers, family, lovers, friends, anniversary, engagement, party, meeting, dating, wedding, also an ideal gift Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, and anyone drawn to these powerful spiritual animals!


Each Raven is hand carved from natural black onyx, and as such, each varies slightly. 

Your treasure will come in an organza bag perfect for gift giving. 

Crystal: Black Onyx (varies eyes - purple or yellow) 

Weight: 3 Ounces

Size: 2.5 Inches Length by 1.25 Inches Width. Medium are 3.5-4 inches in Height. Large ones are 6-7 inches in Height

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***For legal reasons we are in no way promising that the crystals we are selling can cure any ailments and we do not make any guarantees that they will provide you with the benefits above. We do however believe in Mother Earth’s natural power/energies, and we love our very own crystals we use for personal energy healing/work.  All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness should consult with their General Practitioner in the first instance. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner.

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