Double Terminated Point Amethyst and Rose Quartz Crystal Pendants

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Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Double Terminated Point Pendant Options- Reiki Crystal, Energy Healing Crystal, Chakra Crystal, Gemstone Pendant - Natural Stone Pencil Point 

AMETHYST: Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and well-loved minerals. It is the purple variety of the mineral Quartz due to deposits of manganese and iron. Amethyst occurs as natural crystalline clusters, cathedrals (volcanic gas tube formations or geodes), and may be carved into many different shapes. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients it was a “Gem of Fire,” a Precious Stone worth, at times in history, as much as a Diamond. More than any other crystal Amethyst will quieten the mind, allowing you to more easily make contact with spirit. All colors of these stones have a useful energy that will heal holes in the aura. They will also cleanse negative energy from your auric field, so you can see that it will be a great advantage in the overall growth of your spirituality and health. Amethyst is the stone of ultimate spirituality, contentment, opens your third eye for meditation, developing intuition, enhancing creativity, energetic amplifier of intention which helps in manifesting anything in one’s life, & connects you with the divine. Green Amethyst opens the heart as well as the 3rd eye to allow one to merge the two for heart-centered spiritual clarity. Pink Amethyst opens the high heart (over the lungs between the heart & throat chakras) as well as the 3rd eye to merge the two for compassionate, spiritual wisdom. 

Some more benefits of Amethyst are:

  • Attracts good luck and love.
  • Considered as a "Stone of Power".
  • Consider as a " Sobriety Stone".
  • Remove Negative Energies around you.
  • Bring peace, calm, balance and inner strength.
  • Helps relieve headache, insomnia & fatigue.
  • Heals the third eye chakra.
  • Emits negative ions.
  • Attracts Positive energies. 


Rose Quartz is a specific mineral variety of Quartz that is characterized by its soft pinkish and sometimes violet hue. The particular shade of rose quartz is due to trace amounts of titanium, manganese, or iron embedded in its crystalline structure. Rose Quartz is a beautiful healing crystal that enhances nurturing of oneself and others, beloved purity, compassion, forgiveness, encourages gentleness of spirit, and assists one in mastering unconditional self-love over and over again as long as it takes. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Reawakening the heart to its own innate love, it provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. They enhance love for yourself, your partner, your children, your community and the whole world! Because it is a type of quartz, Rose Quartz does have a high energy, but it's vibe is also calming and soothing. It supports connection within groups and community, and carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.

Some more benefits of Rose Quartz crystal are: 

  • A powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination
  • Can strengthen a romantic relationship
  • Encourages self-love 
  • Heals emotional body
  • Eases heartache
  • Relieves loneliness
  • Releases repressed hurts
  • Promotes forgiveness
  • Strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system
  • Releases impurities from body fluids  

Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone - Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Double Terminated Point Pendant - Great for gift giving, too!

Your treasure will come in an organza bag perfect for gift giving. 

Metal: Antique Copper Plated over Solid Brass

Weight: 0.4 Oz



Rose Quartz


Size of pendant: 57mm L x 32mm W

Size of crystal: 40mm L


Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Exposure during ordinary wear to perspiration and household chemicals, like perfumes, chlorine and hairspray, can cause buildup that dulls the surface of a diamond and other gems. We suggest periodic cleanings to keep them brilliant and refractive. To help preserve the finish of your piece longer, do not submerge it in water or use soaps to clean it. Polishing can be done with a simple soft dry cloth. Please take off your rings when you wash dishes, swim, bathe or garden. Don't crash hard objects or fall off & Keep it away from chemicals, cosmetics, wine, acid and alkaline. Clean gemstone jewelry and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Then, store your gemstone jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or jewelry case so it does not touch other pieces in your collection. Keep it from high temperature and direct sunlight, which may cause damage to gemstones. Remove any gemstone jewelry before engaging in any strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sports.


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