Your karma is leaking.

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There are many ways to meditate and clear karmic debt. It is healthy to do karmic cleanses. Try it. The simplest way is to sit down in whichever posture you are comfortable, close your eyes and think of your divine Master or God. Start with 5 minutes. You can do this anywhere. Another way is to close your eyes and just focus on your breath. Relax, inhale and exhale. Focus on the state of nothingness.


Karma cleanse meditation prayer:

"I regret all harm I have committed toward myself and others in the past. From now on may all my actions be motivated by good will toward myself and others. May this meditation connect me with the heart wisdom to be able to do so. I pray that I feel the directives and the clearing in a gentle and loving way.

I pray that I am strong enough to do what is right for me, for my studies and my health, and in all ways, including what may be right for others."


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