When you think you know more than your spirit guides...

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Your spiritual guides offer guidance that you can receive in the form of intuitive feelings. Even though you can’t see your spirit guides (mostly) they are with you all the time. Not everyone is born with rare psychic abilities to see spirit guides but they can and are able to help you sense them by sending you signs. You just need to be sensitive and watch for them. It’s like when you ask a question and then start getting signs everywhere (ex: numbers in sets, synchronicities, animals behaving differently, seeing or feeling a presence, ringing in your ears, flashes of light, unexplained sudden scents, really vivid dreams ,even de ja vu etc) as to the answer.
Pay attention and really listen.
You don’t need to be able to understand the messaging to the T, but the info you receive is stored in your subconscious, which will then dictate your decision making and actions you take.
Remember they were once human beings (and even animals, like our pets!) who lived on earth. After a series of reincarnation, their souls have been perfected that they don’t need to be born in another physical body. They can be your deceased loved ones, ancestors, angels, deities, spirit animals, elementals, ETs..
Because we have free will, decisions and choices are always our own. It’s easier to surrender and let your spirit(s) guide you when you remember that the Divine always guides us in love and in light.

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