There's a Universe inside of You.

Posted by Awni Abbas on

Beings are more than meets the eye and life is a glorious paradox, isn't it? Everything you could ever want to experience is within you. There is an entire universe inside each of us. We are our own teachers. Yes, of course we have our influences, inspirations, & many other wonderful
teachers that we too can learn from, but let's go a little deeper here....

When you access that which is available to you from your energy field, you begin the process of knowing yourself as the universe. You’re making these steps every day towards that full knowing and as you take yourself there, you pick up more gifts/abilities/skills along the way.

You can breathe in the oneness that is all around you and that which is within you, and feel completely satisfied in the moment that you take all of that in no matter what the circumstances of your life is, no matter what you feel might be missing. It’s all there, it always has been, and you are awakening to the knowing that it is all you.

When the universe is inside of you, it becomes easier to navigate and everything that you want in your life is truly yours.

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