Stop and smell the Roses.

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You know, roses are literally the queen of flowers. They send a strong message of love, carry a heavenly scent and have breathtaking colors. Roses can also impart a lot of wisdom on us. Just like a rosebud opens up into a beautiful bloom, we should also find what we need to make our dreams flourish.
We should develop the ability to survive and become strong, just like the rose grows thorns to protect itself from harm. As we work towards our goals n' dreams, we should really be enjoying the journey as much as the destination, seeing as to how the rose is beautiful at each stage of its life cycle.
So today if you can, stop and take the time to smell the 🌹🌹🌹.
In case you were wondering what crystal I am wearing, it is the ever so gorgeous Amethyst. A definite FAVE. We have several beautiful Amethyst necklaces like the one I'm wearing. You should see the Amethyst crystal lamps we have, too. They are incredibly stunning and High quality. Anyone who orders this week will get 25% off the entire order -Use CODE "SPRINGSALE" (Link in Bio)
Some of the benefits of Amethyst are:
* Attracts good luck and love.
* Considered as a "Stone of Power".
* Remove Negative Energies around you.
* Bring peace, calm, balance and inner strength.
* Heals the third eye chakra.
* Emits negative ions.
* Attracts Positive energies.

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