Good Thoughts Vs Bad Thoughts

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Keep good thoughts, speak good things, do good things, have gratitude, and contribute to society by being a Good Samaritan overall. Good will actually come to you in return. You also attract what you create. Good thoughts come from love, moderation, forgiveness and self-preservation. Bad thoughts can come from manipulation, deception, sinfulness, and hate.

If you you carry bad thoughts, you are emitting bad signals to the Universe, and the Universe could potentially bring you bad things. Remove your negative thoughts. It will bring some peace in your life.

You can create more positive thoughts by doing some micro self-improvements such as meditating more often, journaling your daily gratitudes, getting creative (doing something(s) that you enjoy or have passion for), work on bettering your health, and substituting your negative thoughts with positive ones. A shift in your habitual negative thinking to positive can really change the dynamic of how you “feel”. Remember, even thinking bad thoughts can actually cause a lot of stress on your physical and mental being. These negative thoughts are our own creation. You also have the power to erase them.

Ultimately, You are the master of your own thoughts and destiny.


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