A few years ago, he appeared in our backyard malnourished....

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This is our sweet special boy, Neptune. He has 'wobbly' syndrome. A few years ago, he appeared in our backyard malnourished. We have nourished him back to a healthier lifestyle with our love and tender care. He no longer wobbles as much as he did and had the shiniest blue/black coat.😍 He has a larger than life personality and is always so kind and loving to his other fur brothers and sisters. Animals can sure teach us a lot.😻😻😻


Our cats have always chosen us.


Cats are also "familiars", whom are care companion to witches, as they are drawn together by a energetic magnet, each intuitively knowing they are meant to be together, they are similar in character as both are astute, wise, and independent. When the witch and cat are at work together the magic pull is extremely powerful and they know instinctively that it is meant to be, a bonding takes place and the two form a lifelong alliance. Cats have a mysterious air about them and have for centuries been linked to all matters occult. They can see spiritual energies and are excellent protectors against evil or unwanted spirits.


Who LOVES cats as much as we do?

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